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At Home Drug Test

Time:11 November 2016 Click:538

Harm of drug abuse to the society

1. The harm to the family: Once there is a drug user in the family, the family will not be peaceful. The drug addicts destroy themselves while damaging their family, causing difficult situations of the family, economic bankruptcy, separation of relatives, and even death.  

2. The huge destruction of social productivity: Drug abuse first causes physical illness, affecting production, followed by a huge loss of social wealth and waste, while drug activities also cause environmental degradation, narrowing the living space of mankind.

3. Drug activities disrupting public order: The drug activities increase a variety of criminal activities, disrupting social order, bringing huge threats to social stability. No matter what way of drug abuse is, it will cause great damage to the human body.

Panel Drug Test


At home drug test methods are the routine test method and the rapid test method. Currently, the main drug test method is urine detection which is fast, convenient, easy to carry and high accuracy. The drug test applies to screening in the physical examination of the drug rehabilitation centers, hospitals, military recruiting, high-risk population survey, special industries and jobs as well as food inspections of health and epidemic prevention departments. 


Drug test characteristics

1. Accuracy: In accordance with international drug abuse monitoring standards, it’s designed with the detection threshold that applies to the domestic situation;

2. Specificity: With selection of highly specific monoclonal antibodies, the possible cross-reaction is reduced to minimum;

3. Fastness: 5 minutes after urine is dropped, the naked eye can interpret the results;

4. Stability: With US nano gold high-tech achievements, the quality is more stable  and reliable than other similar products;

5. Convenience: It does not require any equipment or additional tests, and boasts simple operation.