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Cardiac Troponin I Detection Kit

[Intended use]
This product is used for clinical in vitro quantitative detection of troponin I in human whole blood/plasma/serum. Troponin is a protein complex that regulates the contraction of the striated muscle. Along with troponin, troponin appears in the myofibrillary filament at a certain period of time. Troponin complex is composed of troponin T, troponin C and troponin I sanya. Troponin complex plays an important role in muscle contraction by regulating the interaction between actin and myosin. As a marker of myocardial infarction and myocardial infarction, cardiac troponin I concentration is sensitive and specific to myocardial injury. Other causes of increased troponin data include chest trauma, heart and non-cardiac surgery, congestive heart failure, renal failure, drug cardiotoxicity, inflammatory diseases (e.g., cardiomyelitis), pulmonary embolism, invasive diseases, and acute nervous system diseases, but are not limited to this.

[Inspection principle]
The detection principle of myocardial troponin I detection kit (immunofluorescence dry quantitative method) is the rapid quantitative detection technology of immunofluorescence and the method of dry chemical chromatography. Mix material detection, buffer and blood samples, the antibodies in the buffer and the Tn - I combine to form antibodies in the blood - antigen antibody complex, mixed sample added to the reaction plate with hole, by capillary action in nitrocellulose matrix tests with the proliferation of the complexes is captured by the test on chain mildew avidin. Therefore, the more tn-i in the blood, the more complex the test band accumulates. The intensity of the fluorescence signal reflects the number of tn-i captured, and the concentration of tn-i in blood samples can be detected by the interpretation of emei immunofluorescence analyzer.

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