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Characteristics of HCV Detection Kit

It shortens the "window period" of HCV infection, which is 70 days to 2 years shorter than the "window period" of HCV antibody detection currently used in the market

The vaccine can be used to diagnose HCV infection in immunocompromised people
The previous infection can be distinguished from the current one

This test is suitable for hcv-cag testing in hospitals at all levels without special equipment

The vaccine is suitable for screening and clinical adjuvant diagnosis of hepatitis c virus infection

It can detect IgG and IgM simultaneously, increase detection specificity, avoid false positive and false detection of indirect method.

The chemical luminescence method and biotin-affinity amplification system are adopted, and the detection range is wide and the detection sensitivity is further improved.

It is applicable to HCV antibody detection of a large number of samples in hospitals at all levels.

The vaccine can simultaneously detect hepatitis c virus antigen and antibody in human serum or plasma samples.

HCV can be used for the auxiliary diagnosis of early hepatitis c before HCV serum positive transfer to shorten the "window period".

It is beneficial to detect hepatitis c virus infection and epidemic surveillance.

The vaccine can be used to diagnose HCV infection in immunocompromised people.

The experiment uses biotin-affinity amplification system to further improve the detection sensitivity.

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