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Clinical significance of FSH

Why test for ovarian function?
Ovary is the organ that produces sex hormone (estrogen), estrogen releases to the organ that needs estrogen to a lot of to need after blood circulates: mammary gland, uterus, oviduct, vagina, hypothalamus, skin, adipose, skeleton produces effect.

The importance of ovarian function to the woman
Ovarian maintains well: make facial skin exquisite and smooth, breast is plump. Promote reproduction and body health, regulate and fen secrete estrogen, improve the quality of sex.
Ovarian function is decreased: clinical expression has the symptom such as hot flushes much sweat of different level, vaginal dryness, sexual organ atrophy, sexual desire drops, bring negative effect to health of body and mind and life of husband and wife.
In recent years, the number of premature ovarian failure is increasing, showing a trend of younger age.

Reagent of buy FSH test

1. Users of buy FSH test detection reagent can realize women ovarian function of self testing

2. Users of buy FSH test detection reagent can let the women of childbearing age to choose the optimal timing of conception, eugenics

3. Users ofbuy FSH test detection reagent can prevent senile, high pressure female premature ovarian function

4. Users of buy FSH test detection reagent can prevent birth female ovarian function decline after delivery

5. Users of buy FSH test detection reagent can predict whether menopausal women menopause coming
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