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Detection Of Hepatitis B Virus DNA

HBV DNA detection is a technique to detect HBV by DNA, which is a common method to determine HBV replication. In general, a number greater than 10 to the third power is positive, a number greater than 10 to the third power is considered to be low volume replication, 5-7 is equal to the middle, and a number greater than 7 is large. Two halves of hepatitis b cannot accurately determine the virus replication, and DNA makes up for this deficiency. However, due to the strict requirements of DNA testing technology and its vulnerability to interference, a single result is not enough to explain the problem. If a positive result is encountered, it can be re-examined in another hospital.

DNA refers to deoxyribonucleic acid. Virus replication is completed by DNA replication. The higher the concentration of DNA, the more active the virus replication. Together, hbv-dna refers to the deoxyribonucleic acid of hepatitis b virus.

At present, HBV DNA detection is more and more commonly used in HBV examination and assay. It can be seen that HBV DNA detection plays an increasingly important role in HBV examination and assay, because HBV DNA detection plays an important role in the diagnosis of HBV and the evaluation of HBV treatment effect. It is mainly manifested in the following seven aspects:

1. Understand the number of hepatitis b virus in the body.
2. Whether the hepatitis b virus replicates.
3. Whether hepatitis b is contagious, how contagious it is.
4. Whether it is necessary to take medicine.
5. Are abnormal changes in liver function caused by viruses?
6. Determine what kind of antivirals are suitable for the patient.
7. Determine the efficacy of drug therapy.

Clinical significance
Therefore, the reduction of hbv-dna quantitative detection index is of great significance in the treatment of hepatitis b. it is a prelude to hepatitis b. it is also the most critical step of rehabilitation. Only when the quantitative index of hbv-dna in the body is reduced, the replication and reproduction of the virus will stop, and the complete cure of hepatitis b will be hopeful.

First, the clinical significance of HBV DNA detection is very important for the diagnosis and medication of doctors. DNA test of hepatitis b virus can determine which kind of antivirals are suitable for hepatitis b patients. HBV DNA testing provides important reference basis for the dose, duration, need for combination and effect of drug use, and is also the most objective index to evaluate the efficacy of antiviral or immune-enhancing drugs in clinical practice.

Second, it can directly reflect the best indicators of HBV replication status and infectivity. The content of HBV DNA can directly reflect the quantity, whether or not the virus exists in the body, and how infectious it is. However, it should be noted that the amount of hepatitis b virus load does not represent the degree of liver damage, nor can the severity of the disease be judged.

Third, thee clinical significance of HBV DNA detection is to reflect the activity of virus replication and indirectly reflect the immune response level of the body.

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