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Fecal Occult Blood Test Paper

"Fecal occult blood test paper" refers to the chronic hemorrhage in the digestive tract that cannot be directly observed by the naked eye and the laboratory microscope after each defecation of the human body. It is an effective method for timely detection and detection of early digestive tract lesions.

In the past, the detection of concealed blood can only be carried out in the hospital. It is often ignored because it is not easy to be detected by the naked eye, which is also a significant reason why the majority of the patients in the office are late stage, which affect the efficacy of the treatment and the death rate.

Usage method
A water quality test (1 time) : take out A piece of test paper and put it into the toilet or toilet, and let it float in the water B fecal test (3 times) : after each defecation (do not flush), take a piece of test paper and put it into the toilet or toilet bowl to float it in water, and judge it after 2 minutes (the cross section of the test paper shows blue and green color, which is positive). C performance test (1 time) : open the positive control package and pour the contents into the water. After 1 minute, put the test paper into the toilet or urinal and let it float in the water

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