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Five Examination Of Hepatitis B

The five tests for hepatitis b are used to determine whether or not the virus is infected, and the preliminary tests are used to roughly estimate the level of virus replication. Although the items are few and the inspection is simple, the significance is very important. Five check second liver, respectively is: 1. The surface antigen (HBsAg) 2. The surface antibody (anti HBs) 3. е antigen (HBeAg) 4. е antibody (anti HBe) 5. Core antibody (anti HBc), hepatitis b five also called second liver two half-and-half.

Results analysis
When the five indicators appear on the test sheet, they can be expressed in the following forms, with different meanings and should be carefully identified.

1.The second hep, hepatitis b, the antigen, e, and the core antibodies are positive, and this is the form of the second hep b, which has been thought to be a sign of the fact that the virus has been significantly less infectious, and the virus has been reduced or significantly less. However, in recent years, many patients with hepatitis b have been found to have abnormal liver function, accompanied by positive hbv-dna of hepatitis b virus, and the disease has not been cured. Statistics show that the detection rate of hbsanyang in chronic hepatitis b, liver cirrhosis and liver cancer patients increases successively, indicating that the prognosis of hbv-dna is not always good, which is caused by the mutation of HBV virus. Clinical cannot ignore, this kind of condition still needs to undertake treatment. If liver function is always normal, HBV deoxyribonucleic acid is negative, indicating a good phenomenon. If hepatitis b virus deoxyribonucleic acid is positive, liver function is abnormal, it is bad phenomenon.

2.Hepatitis b xiaoeryang, that is, hepatitis b surface antigen, core antibody simultaneously positive, this form of clinical significance and hepatitis b xiaosanyang basic agreement, xiaosanyang and xiaoeryang can sometimes mutate.

3.Hepatitis b, namely hepatitis b surface antigen, e antigen and core antibody simultaneously positive. This is the classical and standard model for the complete existence of hepatitis b virus. The positive e antigen indicates that hepatitis b virus replicates actively in the body and is highly infectious. Liver function is checked at this time, if transaminase elevates, or if liver puncture is done, verify the existence of inflammation, show hepatitis is in the state of onset, must be treated, can use antivirus and restore liver function treatment.

4.Pure surface antibody is positive, surface antibody is to hepatitis b virus immunity and protective antibody, it is neutralizing sex antibody, the purpose that beats second liver vaccine is to let it produce, although some people did not hit vaccine, also can be infected after virus, active generation surface antibody, this is a good thing certainly. The higher the titer of hepatitis b surface antibody in serum, the stronger the protection and the longer the duration (3 ~ 5 years). After reinfection with hepatitis b virus, the surface antibody of hepatitis b can increase the titer significantly within 2 weeks. But also have second liver surface antibody positive and the person that produces second liver hepatitis again, this kind of circumstance may be different subtype infection. More than 90% of hepatitis b vaccine recipients have hepatitis b surface antibodies that can turn positive. In rare cases, both surface antigen and antibody are positive, which is common in HBV infection of different subtypes. In patients with low immune function, hepatitis b surface antibodies in the blood are often unable to deal with surface antigen. Or a variant of the s gene.

5.positive pure core antibody, which is the total antibody of hepatitis b's core antigen. When positive, it indicates the previous or present infection of hepatitis b. The difference is based on two types of core antibodies: IgM and IgG. High titer of IgM is an important indicator of acute or recent infection. It can also be positive in the active phase of chronic hepatitis inflammation. The core antibody IgG, which has been around for years to decades, is a marker of past hepatitis b infection and says there is no problem now.

6.Several antibodies are simultaneously positive, showing that surface antibodies and e antibodies, core antibodies, or surface antibodies and core antibodies are simultaneously positive, which indicates that hepatitis b virus has been infected in the past, and now the virus is cleared and the body is healthy again. However, individual patients may also have abnormal liver function in this case, and hbv-dna is positive, so it is still necessary to consider whether there is any virus mutation.

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