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Hepatitis B Examination

Hepatitis b examination refers to the use of chemical means and some advanced instruments to detect whether the human body is infected with hepatitis b virus and the number of such a test. Because the initial symptoms of hepatitis b are not obvious, most hepatitis b patients do not know, must rely on the means of hepatitis b examination in order to let the hepatitis b virus "appear". Therefore, hepatitis b examination becomes a necessary procedure to understand the treatment effect and the change of the disease.

Laboratory certificate
1. When the two halves of the second hebbib are 135 positive, and the other is negative, the disease that happens to us is what we call hepatitis b. The disease has a strong replication of the hepatitis b virus and is highly contagious.

2. If the two halves of the test for hepatitis b are 145 positive, and the rest are negative, this is HBV xiaosanyang, the disease of the hepatitis b virus replication is weak, but still infectious, but more than the infection of the greater third Yang.

3. If the two halves of hepatitis b are displayed as 15 positive and the other is negative, this is bilateral hepatitis b diyang, and its clinical significance is basically the same as that of small sanyang.

4. When the second liver two half-and-half assay is shown as 245 positive, the other is negative, it suggests that patients are recovery, the body produces antibodies. If the patient changes to 25 Yang within half a year, the patient is cured. If the reexamination after half a year is still 245 Yang, the HBV virus still exists in the body.

5. If five of the two halves of hepatitis b test are negative, this indicates that there is no hepatitis b virus infection, but there is no antibody production in the body, at this time people need to inject hepatitis b vaccine to block the transmission of the virus.

6. When second liver two half an examination sheet inspection is 25 possible, other is negative when, this is the mark that infects in the past, the body produced protective antibody, or it is the person of second liver virus that present disease infects.

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