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Method Of Using Ovulation Test Paper

1. In general, the normal menstrual cycle is 28 days. The next menstrual cycle, when the next menstrual tide comes, is 14 days before ovulation. Generally, the test starts from the 11th day of ovulation and lasts for 6 days. But not every woman has a mid-period ovulation, and there's probably no positive results for six days. Some women are sometimes affected by the environment, mood and tiredness and may ovulate early.

2. Water intake should be reduced 2 hours before urine collection, because diluted urine samples will hinder the detection of LH peak value.

3. Changes in the chromaticity of the test line should be observed and recorded during the test. If the test result is negative but the chromaticity of the test line starts to decrease, it can also be regarded as the peak value of LH.

4. The test paper shall observe the reaction results within the specified time, and shall be invalid after 30 minutes. There is a negative test result, the position of the test line may appear a shallow color band, after a period of time observation.

5. The test strip should not be wetted or touched before use. The tank cap should be tightened immediately after the test strip is taken out. The test strip shall be used within the valid term, and shall not be used after expiration.

6. HCG in the urine will interfere with the test results of the test paper. Therefore, the ovulatory test paper is not suitable for pregnant women. If the peak of LH occurs within a few days, the first test should be conducted to determine whether a woman is pregnant.

7.At present, there have been no reports that common medicines (such as cold medicines, antibiotics, painkillers, etc.) have affected the accuracy of the test, but it will be affected if drugs containing HCG are injected or taken.

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