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Product features and precautions of buy FSH test

1. The product features of buy FSH test detection reagent of kaichuang biological

(1) Kaichuang, a well-known brand of excellent birth and pregnancy, has a solid technical foundation
(2) Adopt card type, more high-grade than other brand's bar type
(3) Test yourself at home for privacy
(4) The accuracy of measurement is up to 99%.
(5) Convenient and fast detection, 5-minute observation results
(6) High sensitivity
(7) Understand their own ovarian function, optimal pregnancy, prevent premature ovarian failure or predict the arrival of menopause

2. Precautions of buy FSH test detection regents

(1) Buy FSH test reagent is disposable in vitro diagnostic reagent, please use within the effective period, do not reuse.
(2) After opening the package, the test paper should be used as soon as possible to avoid the test result being affected by moisture
(3) Please do not touch the observation window area with hands. New sample containers and sampling tubes should be used in each experiment to avoid cross-contamination of samples.
(4) As with all diagnostic reagents, the final diagnosis should be made by the doctor after combining the examination indicators and clinical symptoms.
(5) Detect HCG with a concentration greater than 200IU/ml; LH 500 iu/ml; TSH specimens of 25uIU/ml may produce false positive results, and urine dilution may produce false negative results.
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