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Rapid Kit For HCV Nucleic Acid Detection And Its Detection Method 2

5. According to the rapid detection method of hepatitis c virus (HCV) nucleic acid in the kit described in claim 1, its characteristics are: The primer is the nucleotide sequence shown in SEQ ID no. 1 (5' -actgctagccgagtagtgttg-3 'of the upstream primer), SEQ ID no. 2 (5' -tctacgagacctcccggcggca-3'), and the nucleotide sequence of the downstream primer is primer, which is a tccgagtagtgg-3 '-3' probe. A pair of gtobin-specific primers for detection: the primer is the nucleotide sequence shown by SEQ ID no.4 (5' -ctgttatgggcaaccctaaggtg-3 ') of the upstream primer, and the primer is the nucleotide sequence (5) -cttgaggttgttgtccaggtgagcca downstream) as shown by SEQ ID no.5.

6. According to the kit described in claim 1, the rapid detection method of hepatitis c virus (HCV) nucleic acid is characterized by: The RNA solution of hepatitis c virus extracted from the extraction reagent is the combination of nucleic acid I, II and RNA extraction liquid III RNA extraction solution.Preparation for RNA extraction solution I: guanidine thiocyanate 4-6g/L, disodium ethylenediamine tetraacetic acid 0.74-1.49g/L, Triton x-100 3-5% (v/v), each component weighing 20mmol/L (pH7.0) in proportion, tris-hydrochloric acid buffer, final volume 20-50ml, and individual magnetic beads 200-800.RNA extraction solution formula II: guanidine hydrochloride 3-5g/L, isopropanol 30-50% (v/v), weight the components in UPW DEPC, and scale treatment, the final volume is 40-50ml. Preparation III RNA extraction solution: 35-40ml anhydrous ethanol was taken and added into the final volume of 50-100ml treated by UPW DEPC.

7. According to the rapid detection of HCV nucleic acid in the kit of claim 5, its characteristics are as follows: fluorescence microarray was used to detect the specific hepatitis c virus probe at the 5' end, and the 3' end was in the corresponding quenching agent of the mark.

8. According to claim 7, the rapid detection kit of hepatitis c virus (HCV) nucleic acids is characterized by fluorescence groups of FAM, aquimar yellow, ROX, CY5, CY3, NED, TAMRA and TAXAS RED. VIC, TET, HEX and JOE, quenching groups are BHQ, TAMRA, DABCYL and MGB, as described in any one of these terms.

9.According to claim 1 kit of hepatitis c virus (HCV) rapid detection of nucleic acid, its characteristic is: containing the recombinant plasmid of HCV positive reference products in the target sequence, its concentration is: S1 (1 x 107 iu/ml)), S2 (1 x 106 iu/ml), S3 (1 x 105 iu/ml), S4 (1 x 104 iu/ml), S5 (1 x 103 iu/ml), S6 (1 x 102 iu/ml), S7 (2 x 101 iu/ml).

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