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Test Of Chlamydia Trachomatis

Genitourinary tract infection caused by chlamydia trachomatis has become a common sexually transmitted disease. It can cause diseases such as male urethritis, epididymitis, female cervicitis, pelvic inflammation, etc, especially when combined with other pathogens such as gonococcus gonorrhoeae, it can aggravate the development of disease and cause other complications. Chlamydia trachomatis is an important pathogen causing urethritis and cervicitis.

In clinical practice, the objectives of chlamydia trachomatis pathogeny test are:
1. Identify the cause and treat it according to cause of disease

2.  It is helpful to the treatment of patients and their sexual partners, prevent and control the further spread

3. Female patients receive test and treated of chlamydia infection,which can prevent long-term complications such as ectopic pregnancy or infertility

4. Diagnosis of asymptomatic infection. About 70%~80% of female and 50% of male are infected with chlamydia without any clinical manifestations. The test and treatment of such patients will eliminate this possible source of infection and prevent the occurrence of certain complications.

The female chlamydia test kit of Shanghai Biochemtron limited company adopts The method of rapid antigen immune diagnosis. The female chlamydia test kit adopts the method of amplifying ct-specific nucleic acid sequences with a pair of primers, and CTDNA is detected by fluorescent probe; at the same time, the DNA template containing the above primer sequence is constructed manually as the internal reference, and the internal reference DNA is detected by the above primer and other fluorescent labeled probes different from the existing known biological sequences. The female chlamydia test kit detects the presence of both CT and internal reference nucleic acid through single-tube dual-wavelength fluorescence PCR technology, so as to determine whether the sample is infected by CT or whether there were PCR inhibitors.The female chlamydia test kit is simple and fast to operate. It can not only avoid false positives caused by contamination of its own amplification products, but also solve the problem of misdiagnosis caused by false negatives caused by PCR inhibitors. It can be widely used in the rapid screening and identification of STD high-risk population with CT. This method is simple, rapid, convenient and beneficial for treatment in time. It has low requirements for experimental conditions and technical level of operators. The results are objective and stable, and it can be regarded as a simple and practical new technology.
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