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Testing Time of One Step 10miu Pregnancy Test

The principle of early pregnancy self-test is to detect HCG value, that is, human chorionic gonadotropin value. The hormone, which is produced by the placenta, typically occurs within a few days of conception - in the urine, but in small amounts, it becomes harder to test until 10 to 14 days later. Although many types of early pregnancy test paper suggest that women can take a pregnancy self-test after missing a normal period of one day, in fact, not all pregnant women emit HCG hormones at the same rate and amount, which varies from person to person. A negative reaction to an early urine test may be wrong. So the best time to test early pregnancy is two weeks late in the menstrual period before doing the pregnancy test, so the results are more accurate.

18 days after sexual activity or 7-10 days of menstruation, you can determine if you're pregnant. Because after the sperm and egg combine into a fertilized egg, the HCG secreted by the placenta can enter the urine after 6-8 days of implantation to the endometrium, and then 7-10 days of implantation. The two can be added together. The earliest period after sex life is 7 days, 14 days or so, a few 20 days can be detected to be pregnant, can be confirmed by self-test paper or hospital HCG examination.

If the result is not pregnancy, but your menstruation has not come, so please be sure to go to the hospital to do the blood test. But if the test is pregnant, it's basically accurate. If you do not plan to want it, go to the hospital at the earliest time to make induced abortion program, which is the most important and can reduce the harm to the body to the minimum.

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