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The Benefits Of Early Pregnancy Testing

1. For women who do not want to be pregnant for the time being, if they know that they are pregnant early, they can terminate their pregnancy by medicated or induced abortion as soon as possible. It is less painful to terminate early pregnancy and less hemorrhage.

For women who wish to have a good baby, they can avoid contact with harmful substances and avoid infectious diseases when they are pregnant at an early age. If suffer from a few common diseases, when taking medicine, can choose the medicine treatment that affects to the fetus least, and do not abuse medicine.

3. For the early diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy, the early pregnancy test board plays a very important role in assisting diagnosis. It is important for women who still need to maintain their fertility to be treated with Chinese and western medicine before a major hemorrhage or rupture occurs.

4. For infertile women, the early pregnancy test board is also important. These women were instructed by their doctors to accurately calculate the time of ovulation, using artificial or in vitro fertilization. An early pregnancy test board was used 14 days after fertilization to determine whether the treatment was successful. If a urine pregnancy test is found to be positive, they will also receive a series of fetal protection treatments. The early pregnancy test board has a lot of manufacturer in domestic production, generally speaking sensitivity can reach 94% above, but also can appear false positive or false negative sometimes. Therefore, it is not necessarily accurate to judge pregnancy by a single urine pregnancy test, and HCG may need to be re-tested or blood drawn.

Early pregnancy test boards are available at major pharmacies. However, the test board will be affected by moisture, so the wrapping paper of the test board should be used as soon as possible. Be sure to read the instructions carefully and use the test method correctly before use. But regardless of the test results, you should consult a specialist when you need help.

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