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Tips of Ovarian Function Test Paper

When using the ovarian function test paper, the following matters should be noted:
(1) ovarian function test paper is disposable and cannot be reused.
(2) when using the ovarian function test paper, it must be operated according to the instructions.
(3) although the ovarian function test paper can accurately determine follicle-stimulating hormone, the results are for reference only.
(4) ovarian function test paper should not be used for contraception
(5) after the observation of the test results of the ovarian function test paper, the test paper should be discarded and treated as required.
(6) the ovarian function test paper should be placed in the place that infants and children should not touch.

In addition to the above considerations, you also need to be cautious. Improper operation may lead to deviation or invalidation of test results, the correct operation method is as follows:

1) collect urine in a dry, clean container.
2) take the samples under test out of storage condition, balance them to room temperature and number them.
3) take out the test paper packaging from the packaging box, open the aluminum foil packaging bag, take out the test paper, and lay it flat on the platform.
4) use disposable plastic straw to absorb 2 drops of urine sample and add it to the sampling hole of the test paper.
5) the experimental results should be observed and recorded 5 minutes later, and the results showed after 8 minutes had no clinical significance.

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