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MAU Test and Method

Microalbuminuria refers to the presence of microalbuminuria in the urine. Albumin is a normal protein in the blood, but only a small amount of albumin appears in the urine under physiological conditions. Microalbuminuria reflects abnormal protein leakage in the kidney. The increase of urinary microalbumin is an early sensitive index of renal injury, which is commonly seen in diabetic nephropathy, hypertension and preeclampsia. Usually urinary microprotein is used to monitor the occurrence of nephropathy. The detection of urinary microprotein is the most sensitive and reliable diagnostic index for early detection of nephropathy. MAU test can detect urinary microalbumin concentration.
Shanghai Kaichuang Biology invented a MAU test , system and urine microalbumin detection kit. The method for detecting urinary microalbumin concentration in urine microalbumin reagent solution includes: (1) preparing multiple solution samples with different urinary microalbumin concentration, in which each solution sample contains the same concentration of cyanine dyes; (2) Detecting the fluorescence intensity at the acquisition wavelength; (3) The standard curve of urinary microalbumin concentration was obtained. (4) Cyanine dyes and buffer solutions containing potassium or sodium ions are added to the liquid sample to be tested so that the concentration and pH value of cyanine dyes in the liquid sample to be tested are consistent with the solution sample in step (1). The test solution is obtained and the dilution ratio of the liquid sample to be measured is recorded. (5) Detecting the fluorescence intensity value at the acquisition wavelength; (6) The urinary microalbumin concentration of the corresponding test solution was found in the standard curve, and the urinary microalbumin concentration of the sample to be measured was calculated. The acquisition wavelength is in the range of 550 to 650 Nm.
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