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Methods of Ovulation Test Detect Early Pregnancy

  There are many ways of ovulation test detect early pregnancy, which can be self-monitoring or hospital inspection, but the most reliable method is B-mode ultrasound.

1. Basic body temperature method. Basic body temperature refers to the body temperature when the human body is in a completely resting state. It can accurately reflect the function of ovulation and the corresponding endocrine changes. After waking up in the morning, before getting up, the woman did not do any action. She put the thermometer under her mouth for 5 minutes and took it out. She read the temperature data and recorded it on the thermometer. Then drop the mercury column on the thermometer below 35.5 degrees, put it back in place, and prepare to try again after waking up the next morning. In addition, temperature records should also be noted whether there is a cold, fever, insomnia, sexual life and menstruation, detailed records will help doctors identify ovulation function.

2. Cervical mucus method. Cervical mucus is produced by special cells in the cervical canal. With the changes of ovulation and menstrual cycle, its secretion and nature also change. During the 1-month menstrual cycle, cervical mucus is like egg white, with low viscosity, smooth and elastic. With the thumb and index finger can pull mucus into a long filament (up to 10 cm above), when the vulva feels a clear sense of wetness. It is generally believed that the secretion is clear and transparent in the form of egg white. The longest day of filament drawing is probably ovulation day. On this day and three days before and after ovulation, sex can be arranged every other day.

3. Ovulation pain sensation. Ovulation pain is a symptom of ovulation, and when it is painful, it is a clear signal that ovulation is taking place. This is the best time to arrange your sex life, but you can't rely entirely on the pain to determine your ovulation day.
4. Calendar Method. Among women in childbearing period, most of them ovulate 12-16 days (average 14 days) before the next menstruation. It is assumed that the ovulation date can be counted down from the approximate date of the next menstruation to 14 days. If it's a 28-day menstrual cycle, you can arrange sex every other day between 12 and 16 days of menstruation.

5. Ovulation test detect early pregnancy paper. Do not drink water for 2 hours before using ovulation test paper. Do not use the morning urine test, preferably at 10 to 20 o'clock. It is suggested that menstruation should be tested on the tenth day of menstruation. If it is found that the color gradually deepens, it is necessary to increase the frequency of the test. When the color weakens, it is necessary to arrange sexual life. Ovulation occurs after the color of the test paper weakens.

6. Ovulation test detect early pregnancy by B-mode ultrasonography. Among the methods of predicting ovulation time, vaginal B-mode ultrasound is the most intuitive method. It can see how many follicles in the ovary are developing, how big and small, whether they are close to ovulation time and so on.

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