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The Importance Of Hormone Test

Hormones is originated from the Greek, that is incretion, meaning "activated." Later scholars defined it as chemical substances which produce by endocrine organ , and then released into the blood circulation, and transported to the target organ or tissue to play a certain effect. Each endocrine gland produces one or more hormones.

The chemical composition of hormones is broadly divided into five categories: proteins, peptides, glycoproteins, steroids and amino acids. Different types of hormones, their composition is different, their functions are also different. The body produces a small number of different kinds of endocrine hormones. For example, growth hormone in 100 ml of blood takes less than 1 microgram, but it has a huge impact on the human body. Such as the lack of growth hormone on the human body, the child is not high, as dwarfism, and height is less than 130 cm even when he become adult.

Hormone is the general term of body's endocrine system regulate the physiological balance of hormones. A variety of hormones on the human body within the environment of constant metabolism, coordination between the organs and growth and development, reproduction and other regulatory play an important role. It not only affects the growth, development and emotional performance of a normal person, but also is an important factor in maintaining the balance of the body organ system. Once it is imbalance, the body will appear lesions. Whether a person can achieve physical and mental health, hormones play a decisive role.

Many types of hormones make the naive little girl become a body abundance, feminine woman. But the egg cell hormone “estrogen” play a decisive role. It can endometrial hyperplasia, thickening and softening. If the egg is fertilized, it will make the egg fixed in the uterus, and do everything ready; if the egg is not fertilized, it will promote the endometrial shedding, the menstrual cramps will take up. As the saying goes: the more beautiful as the female grow up. Adolescent girls body curves become clearer, hair shiny, smooth and soft skin, which is the credit of estrogen. It makes women beautiful, healthy, active mental function. When female is in the middle-aged, slim and fair, energetic, charm is still with her as the estrogen is maintains.

When the body is full of hormones, cells grow rapidly, strong metabolism, all organs of the body is vibrant. You will have adequate physical strength to fight the pressure every day, and the emotion is optimistic; the body cells have a sufficient number to fight with a variety of bacteria, Therefore, the spirit of the people is healthy and energetic.

Hormone plays such an important role in human health, so the Hormone test is very important.
The Importance Of Hormone Test

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