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OTC Strep Test

Group B Streptococcus normally resides in vagina and rectum and belongs to conditional pathogenic bacteria. As early as the 1970s, GBS has been proved to be one of the main pathogens of perinatal maternal and infant infections, and plays an important role in perinatal medicine. It is also the most common cause of infantile sepsis and meningitis. According to the US Centers for Disease Control, about 10%-30% of pregnant women are infected with GBS, of which 40%-70% are transmitted to their children during childbirth. A considerable proportion (1%-3%) of infants with bacteria develop invasive infections in the early stages, and 5% of them lead to death.

Group B OTC strep test

During parturition, it accurately reflects the situation of group B Streptococcus in pregnant women during parturition, and avoids the overuse or omission of antibiotics.

High sensitivity: the OTC strep test of group B streptococcus uses fluorescence PCR method to detect DNA, and the reagent has the same performance as the international leading reagent

Strong specificity: group B OTC strep testdoes not cross-react with other common clinical pathogens

Good stability: high quality of DNA extraction, set internal monitoring sample collection, DNA extraction
and other whole operation process.

No pollution: the PCR system of group B OTC strep test is fully closed to avoid contamination of other PCR products in the laboratory

Easy to operate, fast detection: B group OTC strep test is easy to operate, short detection cycle, the process from nucleic acid extraction to the end of PCR was less than 2 hours.
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