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CRP Quantitative Rapid Test

Specimen: Whole Blood/Serum/Plasma
Specimen volume: 5μl
Detection range: 0.5-200mg/ml
Reference value Hs-CRP:
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Product Detail of CRP Blood Quantitative Rapid Test
Chemtrue® CRP Diagnostic Kit adopts the technology of colloidal gold chromatographic immunoassay and principle of double-antibody sandwich to quantitatively detect the level of hs-CRP and regular CRP in human whole blood (finger tip blood and venous blood ), serum and plasma. It can satisfy clinic identified identification and diagnosis of infectious diseases, reasonable application of antibiotics and risky evaluation of cardiovascular diseases, which can be used as assistant rapid test.

Property Introduction of CRP Blood Quantitative Rapid Test
Specimen:  Whole Blood/Serum/Plasma
Specimen volume: 5μl
Detection range:  0.5-200mg/ml
Reference value Hs-CRP:<1.0mg/l; CRP:<10mg/l
Precision: CV<15%
Accuracy: Relative deviation <20%
Interpretation time: 5min
Testing time: 15s
Comparison: Compared with Siemens BN system, liner correlation R2=0.9451, with significant agreement.

Product Advantages of CRP Blood Quantitative Rapid Test
One-step test, no other complicated steps so as to reduce contrived errors and increase efficiency;
Wide determination range from 0.5mg/ml to 200mg/ml,meeting clinical needs;
Get two test results both of hs-CRP and regular CRP in one testing;
Are irrespectively of the distinction of whole blood, serum and plasma;
Strong specificity, and not be interfered by RF and lipid;
Be rapid, accurate and low-cost;
Reagents and specimens are stored under room temperature, used once be withdrew with much convenience;
With long-term validity of 18 months when stored in dark place.

Clinical Applications of CRP Blood Quantitative Rapid Test
To predict the occurrence and development of cardiovascular diseases and evaluate the degree of risk;
To identify bacterial infection and viral infection, guide the use of antibiotics, monitor therapy;
To monitor infection and predict postoperative complications;
To monitor curative effects of statins;
Aid to diagnose infected diseases in neonatus

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