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Shanghai Chemtron Biotech Co. is a global rapid diagnostic test manufacturer.Founded in 2001,Shanghai Chemtron Biotech Co. has been committed to manufacturing in vitro diagnostic test kits sold around the world.Chemtron has established business relationships with over 60 countries through Chemtron's test kits under the Chemtrue brand as well as OEM packing.
  • Q Some tests are design for the whole blood specimen, why sometimes there is no immigration on the test strip?

    It is because when the specimen was dropped into the sampling hole, the diluents were not dropped in time, the specimen was coagulate, so the immigration doesn’t happen.

  • Q Some tests are design for the whole blood specimen, why sometimes the background of the strip is too red to read?

    It is because the hematolysis happened to the specimen. Suggest to centrifugate the hematolysis specimen and then run the test.

  • Q When using the Serum specimen, why sometimes the false-positive result happened?

    It may be caused by the quantity of the specimen, the quantity of the serum specimen should be less than the whole blood specimen. If using more quantity, the false-positive result may happen.